Warning's Banana Extraordinary Fruit Bites

  • $36

Sold in bite-sized packs of [30]g

Warning! Don't let the appearance of these delicious bite-sized dried fruits fool you; they are addictive, and very healthy. Rich in dietary fiber, these snacks will satiate your hunger whilst keeping your weight down! Perfectly versatile as a light-weight/fuss-free snack on a long hike or for guilt-free indulgence at the office, these extraordinary fruit bites are 100% made from dried fruit and contain no additional preservatives or additives, making them the ideal snack on-the-go! No more messy peels or having to clean up after (except the bag)!

Best stored in an airtight container in a cool (10°C), dark place.

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Warning's extraordinary fruit bites are:

  • Amazingly delicious
  • Naturally nutritious
  • Filled with dietary fiber to keep you full whilst lowering your weight!
  • Vegan friendly
  • Minimally treated, raw food
  • No added sugar, salt, oil, preservatives, colors or flavors. Nothing!

  • Just dried Australian bananas!