Korean Jeju Island Black Pig Pork Loin - 2 pcs (Frozen)

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Sold in a pack of 2 pork loins (~500g / 1.1 lbs)

The Jeju Black Pig is a special breed of domestic pig found on the Korean island of Jeju-do. Its flesh is slightly redder than your typical pork and has a distinctive smokey flavor, and a slightly chewier texture. This high quality pork is a favorite among the local population on Jeju-do, with many restaurants focusing on this pork as its main ingredient for all dishes!

The Cut
The pork loin is a succulent cut. It is supremely tender, with a milder flavor and are suited to sautéing or grilling

Because of its more subtle flavor, pork loin does well with just about any sauce or seasoning!
These pork loins are best paired with:

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Time Required
  • 30 mins
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