Hideji Miyazaki Hyuganatsu (Yuzu/Pomelo) Lager

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Sold as a bottle of 330ml / ~11.2 oz

Hideji Miyazaki Hyuganatsu (Yuzu / Pomelo) is a seasonal summer lager that is brewed using the Japanese locally-sourced citrus fruit, Hyuganatsu, a hybrid between a yuzu and a pomelo. It has the strong citron aroma of a Hyuganatsu fruit, with a delightful citrus peel flavor and a slight bitter aftertaste!

(5% alcohol content)

Who Is Hideji Miyazaki?
Hideji Miyazaki Beer is a brewery based in Miyazaki, Miyazaki prefecture on the island of Kyushu. They were launched in 1996 soon after the Japanese government reduced the limits for the brewing licenses, and has since won numerous awards, including the World Beer Awards' Asia's Best Fruit Flavoured Beer in 2015!
Hideji Miyazaki Hyuganatsu Lager has won:

  • Received Bronze at the Japan Beer Cup 2011
  • Received Governor of Tokyo Award at the Great Japan Beer Festival 2015
  • Received Gold at the International Beer Cup 2014