Gweilo Beer - Pale Ale
Hong Kong

  • $21

Sold as a bottle of 330ml / ~11.2 oz

With Gweilo's Pale Ale, they combined the crisp and refreshing characteristics of a lager, the citrusy aromas of tropical Asian fruits and the flavor of a light ale

It delivers a bold nose, followed by a satisfying flavor which doesn’t linger. Gweilo Pale Ale is perfect for those who enjoy lighter, session style craft beers

(4.5% alcohol content, IBU 38)

Who Is Gweilo?
Gweilo was founded with a dream: to create fun, fresh and unique beers, brewed in Hong Kong to be enjoyed by everyone in this fine city!

The Gweilo journey started by stripping the brewing process back to basics, spending months working closely with an internationally acclaimed craft brewer to create their own unique recipes

The team at Gweilo embarked on a number of hop tea and malt sensory sessions, sampling a range of hops and malts from across Europe, North America and the South Pacific in order to source the perfect ingredients

Gweilo is indulging a passion to bring exciting, fresh and locally-brewed craft beer to Hong Kong, hoping that you can find room for just one more indulgence and enjoy their beer!
Gweilo Beers are:

  • Locally-Brewed!
  • Vibrantly Fresh & Unique