Fresh Supply Seasonal Fruit Crate

  • $499
  • Regular price $599

Contains a selection of our freshest seasonal fruits (Free shipping included!)

Get a crate for yourself, send it as a gift, or order it as a subscription!

For all the fruit lovers out there that are craving some of the season's sweetest & most delicious produce, but don't want to hunt for it across the island, we bring to you the Fresh Supply Seasonal Fruit Crate!

It'll include staples like your all-time favorite berries (blackberries, blueberries, raspberries), as well as seasonal rarities such as yellow pitahayas!

Looking for something special, just drop us a note & we'll try our best to add it in for you!

Crate Selection
Your crate would include a selection of the season's freshest premium fruit, imported from countries like South America, Thailand & Japan!