Roasted Red Florina Peppers

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Sold in packs of 500g / ~1.1 lbs

The Florina Pepper is a pepper cultivated in the northern Greek region of Western Macedonia and specifically in the wider area of Florina. It has a deep red color, is shaped like a cow's horn and is known in Greece for its rich sweet flavor, used in various Greek dishes

The red peppers of Florina are usually roasted and stuffed with different combinations of foods, as rice, meat, shrimps and feta cheese. These sweet peppers are used in salads or served as an appetizer, by adding olive oil, garlic and sea salt and a dash of balsamic if you like

These Roasted Red Florina Peppers are Ready-To-Use! Simply take them out, season, garnish and eat!

  • Roasted Red Florina Peppers
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • Vinegar
  • Water
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