Farm To Table - Indigo Rose Tomatoes

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Indigo Rose Tomatoes

Looking for produce that's even fresher than what you get in the market? How about having specialty produce that's exceedingly hard-to-find in Hong Kong, grown just for you, in your own little garden tended for and harvested for you when ready?

This is now possible, with our Farm To Table Initiative. Every [2] months, the seasoned farmers at Urbanature will plant & tend to a spot of land to grow your produce. Once ready, your bounty will be harvested fresh for you, with as much as was sown/grown (and they might even share a little more!), allowing you to obtain them at a significant discount to retail!

Urbanature's farms practice Permaculture, ensuring that your produce is organic* and as environmentally sustainable as possible in Hong Kong!All Product
What is Permaculture?

Different by Design.

Permaculture uses organic farming methods but goes way beyond & utilizes a holistic design in reducing its environmental footprint.

Read more about it here!