Citadelle Reserve Gin

  • $660

Sold as a 700ml bottle

Infused with yuzu, génépi & bleuet, the aromatic palette of the Citadelle Reserve Gin is enriched with floral aromas of verbena, violet & a hint of the warm scent of summer hay. On the palate, it shows fresh and spicy notes, enhanced by the delicate lemony flavor of the zest of mandarin oranges

It is the ideal spirit for the classic martini with an orange twist (instead of lemon), as well as the perennial Gin & Tonic:

For the ultimate martini experience, try the Aramis Martini - wash glass with Strega, add Citadelle Gin Reserve then atomize with Pierre Ferrand Reserve Cognac & garnish with an orange twist

For a sublime Gin & Tonic, try serving it with a peel of tangerine skin or a sprig of mint

(44% alcohol content)