Wagyu Striploin (M7+) - Whole Slab

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Sold as a single slab (4kg / 8.8 lbs)

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The quality of Wagyu is determined by more than just its marbling. Waves Pacific selects Wagyu beef with a depth of quality:

  • Cattle from their Australian suppliers put their weight on at a natural, healthy rate and are fed with non-GMO feed
  • At no point are growth hormones or antibiotics used and the farming and rearing conditions are exemplary
  • With plenty of space to roam and a stress-free environment, the final beef is untainted and robust in its flavor
  • This exceptional flavor is enhanced by fine marbling and Waves Pacific's own in-house aging process

The result: superior Wagyu beef products perfect for a range of cuisines and preparation methods for your dining table!

This Wagyu Striploin has a M7+ Grading, one of the higher gradings for Wagyu beef, promising flavor & tenderness that is unrivaled in its class!

Marbling is the visible form of intramuscular fat (IMF) which appears as fine flecks within the muscle. The higher the marbling score, the higher the eating quality of beef in terms of tenderness, juiciness and flavor!

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Wagyu beef is internationally renowned for its quality & taste, and over the past 10 years, Australia has emerged as a top producer of Wagyu Beef, which is where Waves Pacific sources its Wagyu Striploins from!
The Cut
This is the quintessential original steak cut with a robust flavor, it comes from the upper middle of the cow. This is a part of the cow that doesn’t do as much as, say, the shoulder, so it is very tender and well-marbled with fat

You might know this well-marbled loin cut as a New York or Kansas City strip. Always performs well, whether it is broiled, grilled or pan-fried
These Wagyu Striploins are best paired with:

The Perfect SteakRecipe
Time Required
  • 90 mins (30 mins Cook Time)
  • 2 / 5