Anything But Salad's Organic Sprouted Almonds

  • $200

Sold in packs of 200g / 7.0 oz

These Organic Sprouted Almonds are delicious, crunchy and gorgeously brown-cased; not just rich in vitamins and nutrients, they're also a real joy to cook with! Shred, toast or grind them over your salads or yogurts for that crunchy experience!

Choosing Sprouted Almonds over raw almonds isn't just a matter of taste, it's about picking the healthier option. The brown peel of almonds contains tannin, which inhibits nutrient absorption. Soaking almonds allows for its peel to come off easily, thus allowing the nut to easily release all the healthy nutrients inside!

These Organic Almonds from Italy have been soaked, sprouted and packed for your convenience. All rancid, mouldy and "dead" nuts have been carefully removed by hand. Kept frozen to preserve freshness till delivery

Quality assured.