Air Sofa - Banana Boat Yellow

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Summer Special, Free Delivery!

Rest and relax on this amazingly comfortable Air Sofa that has taken the world by storm with its portability & ease-of-use! Use it at the beach, whilst hiking, or even in your apartment!

Taking only minutes to inflate (in windy conditions, it'll inflate faster!), you'll get yourself a lounge chair that's as light as air (literally!), with all the comfiness of a proper sofa!

Banana Boat Yellow Air Sofa not your thing? We've got several other colors too!:

Our Air Sofas are designed to be:

  • Easily Inflated: Once you get it right, it'll take minutes (or even seconds) for you to inflate it! Watch the video below!
  • Convenient: Even comes with side pockets for you to keep your phone, a cup, or even a TV remote!
  • Portable: Comes with its own matching carry bag, so you can take it anywhere with you, & store it easily after use!

P.s. Having trouble trying to inflate your Air Sofa? Take a look at this video we found to be extremely helpful in demonstrating it!