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Hear From Our Customers

"As the name suggests, it is truly a fresh supply company and it really takes customer to the heart. The service experience is nothing but excellent - from the ease of order, timely delivery, quality of food to the thoughtful follow up. Absolutely perfect - I will recommend to everyone and will order again! In fact I already did."

Laura Cao

"I received a box of fresh fruits and veggies from The Fresh Supply Company. As their name states, everything was fresh and delicious. Their prices are reasonable if not better than Jason's, Super City, Taste, etc. Give them a try!"

Cynthia Muthyala

"Nice price, great delivery speed and excellent produce. Recommended!"

Michael Ho

"Reasonably priced, fast, fresh delivery. Excellent service and produce. I will be using it regularly and would highly recommend The Fresh Supply Company to everyone in HK!"

Sejal Nihalani

"Accurate delivery time. Very fresh produce in a sturdy box, saving me so much time from shopping in the supermarket! Highly recommended!"

Fremenda Wong