About us

The Fresh Supply Company was founded by like-minded individuals who believe that quality, reasonably-priced, fresh produce should be easily available to all.

As citizens of Hong Kong, we have one of the highest costs of living in the world. In addition, we consumers are also treated to an unfair pricing of fresh produce due to 2 key reasons:

Expensive Produce

Most of the high-quality produce we consume is imported, which means we pay prohibitively high costs due to logistics

High Rent & Expenses

Even though we don't incur these directly, retailers transfer their high rents & expenses to customers in order to justify importing quality food

Well, no longer.

Introducing a premium, fuss-free home shopping experience that is focused on


Value For Money

We are committed to offering a premium selection of fresh imported & farm-fresh produce at discounted pricing, without a discount on quality!

Friendly & Flexible

We offer next-day pick-up, as well as free delivery (min. order of HKD398, 2-day for Kowloon/NT) for those would prefer convenience!
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Info At Your Fingertips

Don’t know how to store or cook your kumatoes? We've got you covered! Find all the storage, nutritional information and recipes you need right on our website!



We pride ourselves in delivering only the freshest produce - if the quality is ever below our exacting standards, we'll have it replaced!

Less Time on Shelves

We go straight to the source, bringing you produce that hasn't been sitting on shelves for days, giving you more time to store & use it at home!

Trusted brands

Shop with confidence from labels that are trusted by people worldwide, knowing exactly where your produce came from!

Freshest imported produce, at discounted pricing without a discount on quality!

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Our Partners

Just like us, our partners are committed to bringing the freshest delicacies from around the world straight to your door!