Le Querce's Honey with Nut Cream Spread - Almond

  • $99

Sold in packs of 230g / 8.1 oz

Le Querce's Mandorla (Almond Honey with Nut Cream Spread) is made up of acacia honey and almond from Sicily. Excellent taste on toast, crêpes, waffles, as pastry ingredient and coffee sweetener

The family farm Le Querce, means Oak, is located in Piemonte where high-quality honeys are obtain thanks to its rich vegetation. From the classical acacia and chestnut, to the more peculiar dandelion and rhododendron which is harvested at high altitude. Other varieties as orange blossom, eucalyptus and rosemary come from beehives in Pollino's National Park, on the boarder between Basilicata and Calabria

Le Querce is recognised by Paniere which is trademark created by the Province of Turin for the agricultural and food products of the province on the basis of technical-scientific testing: are produced using traditional methods by local manufacturers; are part of the local, historic tradition; are produced using local ingredients; constitute potential for development in the area. Since 2013, rhododendron and alpina flora honey are part of the Slow Food protection of mountain honey.