Karditsas Greek Village Sausages

  • $100

Sold in packs of 450g / ~1.0 lb

Karditsas Greek country style sausage is a delicious pork and veal sausage, infused with Greek mountain herbs and spices. Perfect for the grill, pan, to add flavor to stews and even raw on a cold cuts platter

These great tasting sausages, were awarded the Superior Taste Award with 1 Golden Star and are acknowledged for their attractive appearance and powerful taste by the chefs and sommeliers of iTQi!

Karditsas Greek Village Sausages are:

  • Made of 98% Meat Content (68% Pork, 30% Veal)
  • Includes Leek, Onions and Natural Herbs & Spices!
  • Can be enjoyed Cooked or Raw!

  • 98% Meat Content (68% Pork, 30% Veal)
  • Salt
  • Leek
  • Onions
  • Condiments
  • Flavoring
  • Sugar
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