Holland Veal Bone Marrow (Frozen)

  • $79

Sold as a single pack (~600g / 1.3 lbs)

Veal bone marrow has a natural sweetness and richness, and can liven up any kind of stew, soup or stock with beautiful flavor and smooth texture. As an extra treat, scoop out the marrow after you have grilled or stewed with the bone and spread it across some crusty bread.

Waves Pacific's Veal has a much lighter and smoother taste than regular beef

Coming from one of the top family businesses that emphasizes top quality & animal welfare, their veal comes from calves that are not confined in small pens, are raised and constantly monitored by dedicated farmers in well-spaced, well-ventilated and well-illuminated housing and are kept healthy with a balanced diet of calf milk and fibers!

To ensure consistent and high quality veal, Waves Pacific's production is regulated by specific guidelines monitored by the Foundation for Quality Guarantee of the Veal Sector (SKV). SKV-monitored veal is guaranteed to have no undesirable growth hormones have been used to raise the calves!
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