Kri Kri's Authentic Greek Yogurt - 10%

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Sold in packs of 500g / 1.1 lbs

KRI KRI yogurts are among the most loved dairy brands in Greece. All their yogurts use 'day milk', meaning that the milk is turned to yogurt on the same day it's milked. And this is done with the least possible processing to ensure all the goodness is kept in, that's why the milk is only pasteurized once!

Choose Greek not Greek-Style Yogurt!
Authentic Greek yogurt has its amazing taste and thick, creamy texture (and is more low-fat & protein-dense than any other yogurt) because of the rigorous, time-consuming & expensive straining process it undergoes!

It contains no additives or thickeners that Greek-Style yogurts use (which usually contain unhealthy amounts of cream, gelatine, gum blends, stabilizers, preservatives, milk solids and more, to thicken the yogurt and quicken the straining process)

Looking for a larger-sized yogurt or even a less creamy version? Why not try the Greek Deli's other delicious yogurts instead!

Kri Kri's Authentic Greek Yogurt is:

  • Gluten-Free
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • 100% Fresh Milk, no Powder, no Thickeners, no Preservatives!
  • High in Protein, Great for Post-Workout
  • Low in Sugars and Carbohydrates
  • Packed with Natural Probiotics

  • 100% Cow's Milk
  • Yogurt Cultures
Greek Yogurt ChickenRecipe
Time Required
  • 105 mins (60 mins Cook Time)
  • 2 / 5
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