Aureli's Organic Red Beet Juice

  • $23

Sold as a single bottle of 200ml / 6.8 oz

100% Organic!

Aureli's fresh organic juices are made from harvests from the Italian Fucino plateau in Abruzzo (one of the most important agricultural areas in Italy) which has a local fertile volcanic soil that helps increase the nutritional value of the crops!

The Particular pedo-climate conditions of the region assures exclusive organoletic and chemical properties!

Learn more about their quality processes here!

Red Beets contain natural betacyanins, phyto-nuntrients with antioxidant properties which reinforce your immune system and protect it from free radicals!

Aureli's Organic Red Beet Juice is:

  • 100% Organic!
  • JAS Organic Certified (Japan), EU Organic-Certified (Europe), and USDA Organic-Certified (US)
  • No Preservatives, Chemicals or Sugar Added!
  • Boosts your Immune System!

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