Chayote Squash (2 pcs)

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Sold in packs of 2 chayotes (~400g / 0.9 oz)

Belonging to the same family as melons & cucumbers, the Chayote Squash is defined by its unique pear-like shape, with pale lime-green coloring and creamy white flesh has a semi-crisp texture that becomes succulent to almost cottony as it matures

It has a mild cucumber-like flavor, and can be added to salads & salsas to provide a crisp, apple-like crunch, or cooked and used in-place of a summer squash!


Seasonal all-year round

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Health Benefits

  • Vitamin-Rich: Chayote Squash offers plenty of vitamin C and vitamin B-6 as well as folate, dietary fiber and is high in potassium! Traditional Creole medicine utilized the Chayote and its leaves to make a tea used to treat vascular diseases. Infusions of the leaves have also long been used in the Yucatan since colonial times in treatment of kidney stones.
Nutritional Values (% of your Daily Value*)
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