Aranda's 6.0" Corn Tortillas (Frozen)

  • $149

Sold in frozen packs of 60 Tortillas (~454g / 1 lb)

Aranda’s 4.5" Corn Tortillas are freshly baked using corn (unlike flour tortillas), giving it a distinctively superior taste profile!

The Aranda's Tortilla Company was first started in 1982 in the heart of the city of Stockton, California, with the goal of providing freshly baked tortilla products to serve the growing needs of the Mexican food industry and is now one of the leaders exporting tortilla chips to Asia

"For a Pleasant Day Eat Aranda's Tortilla's Today!"

Aranda's Corn Tortillas are:

  • Freshly Baked
  • Made using Corn, Giving it a Superior Taste Profile!

  • White corn