Cooking The Perfect Steak Every Time

Written by Jonny
2 Servings (People)

This method is commonly known as "reverse-searing". The benefits of this method becomes more and more noticeable the thicker the steak. This way of cooking steaks will almost always guarantee restaurant quality, perfectly cooked and juicy steaks, with a caramelized beefy crust. The key to this is cooking to temperature, which makes owning a meat temperature probe extremely important for this recipe! Alternatively, if you have a sous-vide machine handy, this is also the perfect time to use it! Steaks this fresh and tasty only require a generous seasoning of salt and pepper and you're good to go!




1) Make sure the steaks are at room temperature. Preheat oven at around 120C (250F) and season the steaks generously with salt and pepper. (Scroll down for alternative instructions if you would like to sous-vide your steak instead!)

2) Place the steaks on a wire rack to make sure there is some space and air between the meat and any surface. Line the surface under the steaks with tin foil to catch any drippings - this is to save yourself time cleaning afterwards! (In this case, I'm using a metal tray instead of tin foil)

3) Allow the steaks to cook inside the oven for 45-55 minutes, or until the temperature in the inside center of the meat reaches 55C (130F) for medium rare doneness. For medium, cook steaks until meat temperature reaches 60C (140F)

Alternative to Steps 1-3: If you do have a sous-vide machine, cook the steaks at 55C (130F) for medium rare, or 60C (140F) for medium for 60 minutes or up to 3 hours in a vacuum seal or waterproof bag. (Make sure there little to no air inside the bag, and that the meat is fully submerged under the water)

4) Once the meat temperature reaches desired doneness, allow it rest for 5-10 minutes at room temperature. Then on a very hot pan, sear the steaks for about 1-2 minutes each side, or until a golden brown crust appears.

The finished striploin steaks, cooked medium (left) and medium rare (right)


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